What is Sportstake 13 ProPick

Thanks to the ingenuity and innovativeness of the South African National Lottery, South African punters now stand a chance of winning soccer jackpots. This necessitated by the soccer jackpot pool known as Sportstake 13. For those who might be in the dark, Sportstake 13 is soccer jackpot pools which allows punters to place bets on preselected events and stand a chance of winning hundreds of thousands of Rands in jackpot prizes!

When talking about predictions, common thoughts are that punters are responsible for making the predictions. Well, this is true but it’s not the whole truth when it comes to Sportstake 13. Sportstake 13 does have a special feature which allows punters to use predictions made on behalf of them by a bot. the feature we are talking about here is known as Sportstake 13 ProPick and in this article, we are going to expose all there is to know about Sportstake 13.

Understanding Sportstake 13 Propick

Sportstake 13 ProPick is a special feature which allows punters to use automatic predictions which have been made on their behalf by a bot. a bot which is an intelligent prediction system makes use of algorithms to come up with different predictions for upcoming sports events. The intelligent prediction system takes into consideration various factors such as head to head statistics of teams to meet and also the form of the teams as the go into the match. With these considerations, the predictions made by the intelligent prediction system are as reliable as any other predictions that made are made by players.

Once the intelligent prediction system manages to make all of the predictions, the next thing is for the predictions to be publicized. The predictions are publicized as Sportstake 13 ProPick. Players who would like to use the predictions will therefore simply need to check the ProPick selections and proceed to generate their Sportstake 13 ticket using the ProPick selections.

A feature such as the Sportstake 13 ProPick may make some punters to be a bit skeptical about its efficacy. However, the truth of the matter is that there is no reason to be skeptical at all. This necessitated by the fact that the Sportstake 13 ProPick has produced some big winners before. Just to put this into perspective, one lucky punter who used the ProPick feature and staked R8 managed to win a massive R2, 491,162.

While the Sportstake 13 ProPick feature is definitely a useful feature, it’s important for punters to note that it inhibits them from learning more about soccer betting research. As all of the predictions are just presented on a silver platter, the player is prevented from going through the arduous task of doing soccer betting research. This may be great when the punter has no time to do the research but in the long run, it cripples the punter from developing himself into a better punter. As such, there is need to ensure that the Sportstake 13 ProPick feature is used sparingly every now and then and in between, the player has to rely on doing soccer betting research himself.