How to Play Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is a soccer jackpot pool which has taken South Africa by storm. Players who win when playing Sportstake stand a chance of scooping a minimum of R300 000! Yes, you heard that right – an incredible R300 000! Well, even those who fail to hit the jackpot can still walk home with some excellent prizes as there are some consolation prizes awarded.

 It’s no doubt the most intriguing aspect of any game are the potential payouts. However, to lay hands on the payouts, players must first grasp the gameplay rules and instructions It is against this background that we come up with this article as we strive to outline the step by step process of how players can start playing Sportstake 13.

Step by Step Guide on Playing Sportstake 13

The first step to playing Sportstake 13 is to visit the site/s that offer the game. Thanks to the magical powers of web browsers, this is really an easy task. Most advisable place to play the game is on the official South Africa National Lottery page. Once players have found the sites offering the game, players must head over to the Sportstake 13 page. On the Sportstake 13 page, players will get to see all of the current events/matches. In total, the events will be 13 and the player has to make predictions on all 13 events.

 Sportstake 13 uses the 1×2 format for all predictions meaning the player has the choice of choosing the Home Team to win, Away Team to win or both teams to draw. A single standard Sportstake entry costs R2. However, it’s important for players to note that they can increase their chances of winning by making multiple predictions. When the player chooses this route however, the entry cost significantly increases. To put this into perspective, if a player chooses seven outright results, three double chances and three triple chances the bet amount will exceed R1000!

Once all predictions have been made, the player has to confirm the predictions in order to receive the confirmation order. It is the confirmation order which will enable the player to claim winnings if his/her predictions turn out correct.

One important thing to note about Sportstake 13 is that it comes with an optional Propick feature. The Propick feature allows punters to make use of the predictions made on behalf of players by the bot. some players may be skeptical of the Propick feature but at times, it can actually come in handy. Just to illustrate this, one lucky punter after using the Propick feature for just R8 managed to win a massive R2, 491,162!

Game Schedules

Players looking to play Sportstake 13 ought to note that the game is played twice each week on Wednesdays and Saturdays/Sundays. Midweek fixtures at times may run into the following day that’s Thursday if there are any Europa League matches.


Playing Sportstake 13 is not a difficult task at all and from our take above, it’s our hope that all players looking ahead to start playing Sportstake 13 have grasped all the intricate details as to how they can start their gaming session.