Sportstake 13 Rules and Regulations

Sportstake 13 is taking the South African betting industry by storm. Players from all corners of the country are warmly embracing Sportstake 13 owing to the fact that it presents them with the opportunity to win some big cash jackpots. By just making 13 correct predictions, players can walk away hundreds of thousands of Rands richer! 10 or more correct predictions also sees the players walk away with some cool cash prizes.

Well, while it’s certainly good that players playing Sportstake 13 stand a chance of winning big cash prizes, it’s also important for players to know all the rules and regulations that guide Sportstake 13. Without knowing the rules and regulations, players may just encounter some unnecessary obstacles and challenges. Below, we are going to highlight all important rules and regulations guiding Sportstake 13.

Sportstake 13 Rules and Regulations

The first and most important thing that players need to take cognizance of when it comes to Sportstake 13 is that this game is a soccer pooled jackpot. What does this mean? This simply means that when it comes to Sportstake 13, the actual jackpot prize together with consolation payouts awarded to players isn’t fixed. The actual amount is only known at the end of the betting window when all stakes have been placed and calculated. The higher the number of stakes placed, the higher the jackpot prize as well as consolation prizes.

The second thing to bear in mind when it comes to Sportstake 13 is that it’s played twice a week. There is a midweek game and the weekend game. Normally, the deadline for predictions on the midweek game is Wednesday. However, if there are Europa matches being played on a Thursday, the deadline extends to Thursday midnight. The deadline for the weekend game is Sunday midnight. What this therefore means is that players looking to place bets on Sportstake ticket either during midweek or weekend have to be cognizant of the betting window periods.

The Sportstake 13 jackpot is won when the player has got all 13 predictions correct. There are 13 preselected events/matches on the Sportstake 13 ticket and the payer has to get all predictions correct to walk away as the jackpot winner. The betting format used on the Sportstake 13 ticket is the 1×2 system. What this format entails is that the player has to pick the side to win the match between the Home Team and the Away Team. The player also has the chance to predict a Draw if he thinks the match will end in a stalemate. Players who fall short of reaching the 13 correct predictions mark and get 10 or more are eligible to receive consolation prizes.

The events/matches presented on the Sportstake 13 ticket are largely European fixtures. Common leagues selected are the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, France Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, Champions League and the Europa League. Players therefore have to focus much of their soccer betting research on these leagues is they want to be successful playing Sportstake 13.