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Soccer betting is a huge thing in South Africa. Many punters in the country engage in soccer betting every single day. though there is no one universal reason which pushes many punters to engage in sports betting, the mere fact that the activity allows them to take their minds away from other harsh daily realities as well as the fact that at times, they may scoop some excellent payouts when their predictions turn out correct can be attributed as the major reasons behind the popularity of soccer betting.

To help improve and make soccer betting even more fun and enterprising, the South African National Lottery so it fit to come up with pool betting on soccer matches. On this front, the South African national Lottery designed two products which are the Sportstake 8 as well as the Sportstake 13. In this article, we are going to talk about the Sportstake 13 in detail looking at what this product is all about. Alternatively see Ethiopia betting tips on

What is Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 in simple terms can be described as a pooled soccer jackpot. To truly understand what Sportstake 13 is, we are going to break down our explanation in parts starting offer with the soccer jackpot part and then moving on to the ‘pooled’ part.

Soccer jackpot: When talking about Sportstake 13 as a soccer jackpot, what we are simply saying is that it’s a betting game in which there are some preselected events/matches that players simply have to predict. In total, the preselected events round up to 13 hence the reason its dubbed Sportstake 13. Getting all 13 predictions correct is the objective for punters as it means they will have become a jackpot winner.

Pooled: Sportstake a 13 is a pooled jackpot game. What this simply means is that all of the wagers placed by punters looking to play the game will be pooled together. The total amount of that is then awarded to the jackpot winners together with those who win consolation prizes. Of course, a small commission is taken away from the total pooled amount as it goes to the South African National Lottery towards administration costs and other expenses.

Having broken down the meaning of Sportstake 13, we can convincingly conclude that Sportstake 13 is a game which is similar to lotteries. However, it’s a less risky game as players have to make predictions on events that they can do researches on hence they are able to place informed bets. If you prefer to play online slots with Betway, then take a look at

Sportstake 13 Prizes

On average, the jackpot prize for winning Sportstake 13 eclipses the R300 000 mark. This jackpot is awarded only to those players who would have made 13 correct predictions. However, it’s important for players to note that falling short by a few predictions does not spell doom as there are some consolation prizes awarded. Consolation prizes are awarded to players who get at least 10 correct predictions.


Sportstake 13 is an incredible pooled soccer jackpot game which allows players the chance to win thousands or even hundreds of thousands of rands. Simply make 13 correct predictions on some soccer matches and the jackpot prize will be all yours.  

How to Predict Sportstake 13 Pools

Sportstake 13 is a soccer jackpot pool that’s open to all South African punters. The soccer pool is one of the very first soccer pools in the country offering players the chance to win thousands and hundreds of thousands of Rands. Owing to this, Sportstake 13’s popularity has ballooned over the top as many punters join the Sportstake 13 bandwagon hopeful of becoming one of the lucky jackpot winners.

 Well, there are some who have managed to win big playing Sportstake 13 and many others who have not been so lucky. In this article, we are going to share with all punters some key strategies, tips and tricks that may help them to make better predictions when it comes to Sportstake 13 pools and hopefully, win some huge cash prizes in the near future.

Sportstake 13 Pools Betting Strategies

Take Cognizance of the Variables

In order to make successful predictions, it’s important for punters to take cognizance of match variables. Well, what are the variables we are talking about here? The variables that players need to look at include the goal differential, position most shots are taken from, number of shots on target from previous matches, number of shots on goal from previous matches as well as average ball possession from previous matches. The punter has to look at the variables for both the Home Team and the Away Team. Once the player has checked the variables, he can then start making permutations as to how the match will unfold and as such, get a clear picture of the likely outcome of the match.

Home Ground Advantage

Often, when two teams go ahead, there will be a favourite and an underdog. The favourite most times get to get the lowest odds while the underdog whose chances of winning are rather limited will have the highest odds. However, from soccer betting history, whether a team is the favourite or the underdog, the concept of home ground advantage plays a big role in determining the outcome of a match. This therefore means that backing an underdog when it’s the team with the home ground advantage is not at all a bad thing. however, this is not a rule of thumb, players need to do their research into seeing if the home ground advantage may end up being an advantage or not.

Team News

A team may be very good but the absence of one key player may just be detrimental to its chances of winning. This, therefore, means that the player needs to check the team rooster before making any predictions. In addition to checking the team rooster, it’s also important for the player to look at the player/team form variable. There are some instances in which a team may have its full squad but they will be on a terrible run in form. When this is the case, it’s important for the player to even back the underdog if the team is on a purple patch of brilliant form.